An educated buyer with a well-planned acquisition strategy will be more successful than a buyer who takes a scatter shot approach. The Buyer’s Guide–available to non EMS members for a limited time–combines expert guidance with the tools and benefits of our membership program to organize your own strategy. 

In the guide you’ll find tips for:

  • Choosing acquisition targets that are well matched for you and your existing business
  • Identifying sellers in your professional networks
  • Cultivating connections with colleagues to better position yourself for a future acquisition
  • Navigating the acquisition process from introduction to closing
  • Determining appropriate financing and deal terms
  • Using your membership tools to solidify your position and to help pave the way for a smooth and successful acquisition process

The Buyer's guid also includes an Inquiry Worksheet to help you craft your value proposition and write effective inquiries that highlight your strengths while addressing a seller’s unique criteria and concerns.

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