The evolving industry has fueled the increase in acquisition, leading to a trend of consolidation and creating steeper competition for not only clients but growth. In order to thrive and grow, you should be willing to adjust and to find ways to be a nimble and creative acquirer and business developer. 

This special strategy session presented by FP Transitions and Live Oak Bank focuses on the future of the industry and your place in it. During this presentation you'll discover:

  • The challenges and opportunities facing the profession today
  • The benefits and key attributes of enterprise-level businesses
  • What you’ve built and where you’re going
  • Powerful strategies for achieving growth and sustainability
  • Financing tools and resources to support your plan
  • How to keep up in an increasingly competitive environment

Business structures are evolving to meet current industry and customer demands. The growing need for talent, infrastructure, and systems is leading to the replacement of solo advisors as well as old practice models with stronger, more sustainable enterprises. These businesses have a foundation capable of supporting any growth avenue and accessing powerful growth tools. Enterprises have increased value, profitability, succession viability, and acquisition success.

Are you poised to eat–or to be eaten?


We do not currently have any events scheduled. Later this summer, however, we will be offering a webinar version of the presentation. If you are interested in finding out about future Eat or Be Eaten events and webinars please fill out the form below.


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