Roundtable talk with bates group - compliance & acquisition

Good Compliance is Good Business

Monitoring compliance and keeping up with regulations is important for the operation of any financial services business, and it remains important when buying or selling those businesses.

While many advisors are rightly concerned about AUM and revenue when vetting an acquisition, it is just as critical to evaluate a business’ compliance history and operating procedures before finalizing the deal.

In this first of three special Roundtable Talks, FP Transitions’ Marcus Hagood sits down with David Birnbaum, JD, a Managing Director of Bates Group, to discuss the importance of compliance when it comes to acquisition, including:
  • The value of a thorough compliance review to ensure a smooth and successful acquisition;
  • Detecting and evaluating potential regulatory obstacles that could derail a transaction;
  • And how the ever-looming DOL Rule – along with the new US administration – might provide additional challenges and considerations.

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In our other Roundtable Talks with Bates Group’s David Birnbaum, we discuss the necessity of performing a thorough compliance audit as part of business growth or in preparation for a sale. Plus, David and Marcus explore how to determine whether your team is devoting enough attention to protecting the business, and how to make managing both compliance AND the business easier. Additional Roundtable Talks linked below:

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