Roundtable talk with colleen jordan hallinan - the process

Harnessing and Honing YOUR Team

This final roundtable talk with Colleen Jordan Hallinan, founder of Qii Consulting, we wrap up our conversation coming full circle from her own advisory journey in "Life After Advising" and bullding the team that allowed her to get there in "Building the Team."

Here, she shares the philosophies and process for her "after advising" enterprise: helping other advisors build stronger teams for greater success. She walks through some of the assessments and strategies that serve the core of her methodology: Advisor Know Thyself, the Time Amplifier, the Well-Oiled Machine, and the Referral Firehose.

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Colleen Jordan Hallinan started Qii Consulting after 30 years in the financial services industry. As an advisor, she built a team designed to tap into each individual’s unique qualities and strengths. After retiring from the industry, Colleen took these team-building mindsets and methods and founded Qii where she shares her experience and techniques to help other advisory businesses tap into their own teams’ strengths and find their catalyst for growth.