Roundtable talk with colleen jordan hallinan - building the team

The Right Team for Success and Sustainability

In this second Roundtable Talk with Colleen Jordan Hallinan of Qii Consulting, she and our own Christine Sjölin explore the ways to identify different personality types and work styles. Harnessing each individual's unique strengths creates a team that promotes the success of the business as a whole.

Tapping into the natural aptitudes of her team members allowed Colleen's business to run more efficiently as well as offer better and more complete quality of service to her clients. In creating a team that she and her clients trusted, Colleen was able to transition and step away from her advisory business without worrying about what would happen without her.

In doing so she discovered a repeatable assessment method that she has used to help other financial service businesses grow in her own "life after advising."

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Colleen Jordan Hallinan started Qii Consulting after 30 years in the financial services industry. As an advisor, she built a team designed to tap into each individual’s unique qualities and strengths. After retiring from the industry, Colleen took these team-building mindsets and methods and founded Qii where she shares her experience and techniques to help other advisory businesses tap into their own teams’ strengths and find their catalyst for growth.