Your three business pillars–organization, entity, and compensation–work together to support ongoing growth, profitability, and sustainability. As one structure is strengthened, it encourages and enables the enrichment of the others. In this way, building a strong business foundation is an integral and organic process. To successfully reinforce, or rebuild, these foundations you must start with an informed plan to know where and when to focus your efforts.

Building a Business for Long-Term Value
with David Grau Sr., J.D., President & Founder
and Craig Strauser, SVP Client Experience

This presentation explores how succession and sustainability are inextricably linked–by creating one you find the other. Both are achieved by cultivating strong business foundations. You'll also discover:

  • Why structure vs. size has a greater impact on business value.
  • How sustainability helps you keep your promise to your clients.
  • Which structures form the foundational pillars of your business.
  • How to determine where to focus your efforts to create long-term value and sustainability.

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