Jeremy Seicianu, CVA and Ryan Grau, CVA, CBA

Jeremy Seicianu, CVA and Ryan Grau, CVA, CBA
Ryan is VP of Business Valuation Services and a G2 Partner at FP Transitions. He is an industry authority on value and valuation for investment advisory, wealth management, and insurance-based practices and businesses. As the leader of the FPT Business Valuation Services team he works with business owners and their teams to perform appraisals and other analysis of their businesses to help them understand the drivers of value within their unique businesses and how it affects their overall strategy. Jeremy is a Business Appraiser at FP Transitions and works closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their unique business during the appraisal process, his insight and analysis are key to helping clients make short-term and long-term strategic decisions about the future of their businesses.

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Technology and Value

Posted by Jeremy Seicianu, CVA and Ryan Grau, CVA, CBA on May 14, 2019 11:23:18 AM

Tech and Value

Advisors constantly seek an answer to the questions “How can I grow faster?” and “How can I increase the value of my practice?” Generally, their focus is on acquisition. However, growth and value are not singular concepts. In other words, achieving a rapid pace of growth needs to be tackled through multiple facets, and ultimately, growth will be a driver of value. However, many practices are not adequately equipped to grow at the rates they are striving for. Technology provides many of these opportunities. Investing in technology has a demonstrated relationship to higher growth, more affluent clients, increased profits, and increased value. 

The rapid pace of technological advancement has provided financial advisors more opportunities to reach a broader client base and manage client relationships more effectively and efficiently. By implementing and effectively utilizing web-based advertising, digital conference rooms, client relationship management (CRM) systems, and billing and portfolio management software, advisory practices of all sizes are able to more closely track their performance and focus their efforts on the market segments they wish to target.

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