Mid-Year Market Review [VIDEO]

Posted by FP Transitions on Aug 11, 2020 4:09:23 PM

Earlier this year, with the global pandemic raging and markets in decline, we promised our clients and the industry that we would continue to provide an inside look as to what was happening in the M&A market for financial advisory practices.

In part, we did this to counter the amount of noise that we were hearing in the marketplace from pundits and industry insiders who were predicting less than favorable futures. What we were watching was something quite different, however, and saw that our industry had the resilience to adapt and thrive.

Join us for a look back at transaction activity from the first half of 2020 and a look forward to some Q3/Q4 projections. CEO Brad Bueermann dives into our current transaction data while exploring predictions made and realized so far.

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Topics: Commentary, M&A, Buying & Selling, Transactions