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Transforming your practice into a sustainable business is key to fueling future growth, creating alignment between founder and future advisors, and meeting the needs of trusting clients who need your advice–now more than ever.

During this free presentation, you’ll discover:

  • How proper structure supports your long-term enterprise goals
  • How aligning your compensation with your cash flow creates a stronger, more sustainable business
  • How compensation and profitability are linked to your long-term business value
  • How you can execute a successful growth strategy that will take your practice to the next level

Over the last decade, the financial services profession has evolved from product-based to advice based. Through this shift, businesses have increasingly enjoyed recurring revenue from advice-based services, while compensation and business structures have largely stagnated around the product-based model.

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Please Note that techniques presented are for educational purposes only and do not guarantee results. 2372070PH_Jan21


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