Scott Leak, CFP®, Director of Business Development & Senior Consultant

Kem Taylor, CBEC, Consultant

Growth is the buzzword of the decade. But not all advice regarding growth strategies is accurate, or even appropriate, for advisory firms. For many, it requires an astute understanding of your firm’s core competencies and opportunities for improved efficiencies, unlocking capacity constraints, and reinvesting in marketing, talent, and technology. Except not everyone can leverage the same playbook.

Growth requires intentionality and a fact-based strategy. Key data points into your current practice can power the necessary insights to devise the right growth strategy for you. Should you focus on organic growth, inorganic growth or both? Can you know if your business is ready and able to be successful in deploying a particular growth strategy?

Scott Leak, CFP® and Kem Taylor, CBEC, will not only dive into their best tips and growth strategies, but they will give you the steps to start honing your focus. Once you set your sights on growth, all you need to do is tap into the RIGHT solutions that will support your firm’s growth goals.

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