The fastest way to grow in the financial services industry is through acquisition, but savvy buyers know that a targeted strategy is the key to M&A success.

In order to develop an acquisition strategy that will elevate your business in key areas, it is crucial to know the strengths and weaknesses of your own business. You must also understand how to articulate your value proposition, capture a seller's attention and trust, and best practices for getting the deal over the finish line. 

By committing to becoming a better buyer you can improve your chances of acquisition success and maximize business growth and profitability.

Led by our industry-leading experts in M&A, research analysis, and enterprise value, our Acquisition Success Webinar Series explores preparing your business to take on acquired assets and clients, understanding what you have to offer a seller, avoiding acquisition mistakes, and leveraging appropriate financing options to orchestrate a successful transaction.

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Addressing Capacity and Scalability for Acquisition Success
NEW DATE Tuesday, September 21st, 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Marcus Hagood, EMS Director

Scott Leak, CFP, Senior Consultant

This session explores the reality of acquisition and ensuring your business has the ability to absorb new clients, staff, and assets without disruption. You'll learn:

  • Which key business structures support your acquisition capability.
  • How you can determine if your capacity is ready for acquisition.
  • How to make an actionable plan to improve your business for acquisition success.
  • How to determine your own acquisition goals and how to develop a strategy that meets them.
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Beyond Size and AUM: Qualities of an Exceptional Buyer
Tuesday, October 5th, 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
James Fisher, JD, M&A Director

Marcus Hagood, EMS Director

This session covers the top four qualities of exceptional buyers that we see in our most successful transactions. You'll discover:

  • Common areas that sellers prioritize when looking for a buyer.
  • Why preparation, flexibility, patience, and focus are paramount for any buyer.
  • How "fit" has changed over the last few years.
  • Why your inquiry message is so important as your first impression to a seller.
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Deal Structuring and Financing Your Acquisition
Tuesday, October 26th, 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern
Eric Leeper, CFA, VP of Research and Analytics / Partner

James Hughes, Head of Investment Advisory Lending at Live Oak Bank

This presentation provides an overview of common deal structures and unique financing options available for financial advisors. You'll learn:

  • How to get prequalified for financing.
  • Which financing options are best for you.
  • How flexibility can smooth the process and lead to a more successful transaction
  • What to expect from the transaction process as a buyer.
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